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Charge Your Phone On-The-Go

No more dying phones, find a charging station near you.

What is Power Sharing Rentals?

Power Sharing is a portable device charging Company. For mobile users who have low battery problems, Power Sharing Rentals provides a high-speed mobile charger rental service. With us, you can rent a portable charger and return it at any one of our locations throughout the city. Our goal is to provide the public with an affordable, reliable, and convenient way to charge smartphones. It’s the fastest and most convenient solution for people on-the-go but out of power. Our Power banks can charge 99% of all Smartphones while you enjoy freedom of life. 

Power Sharing Rentals 


Phone Chargers for Rent & Sale

Valley Wide!

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Only $1.50 for 30min Rental to GO!

Phone Battery Low?

We got you covered with locations valley wide we are sure  you will find a Charger rental near you!

Download STW Power Sharing app to locate a Phone Charger Rental to GO!

Phone Chargers also for Sale with FREE Shipping!

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Easy Steps to Follow

                        How It works 

1. Download STW Power Sharing

2. Scan Station's QR Code 

3. Phone Charger will unlock to take 

4. After USE, Return to any location 

Renting duration will be effective exactly 3 minutes after a power bank has been rented. If borrowing period is less than 30 min than it will be rounded up as 30 min. The day the power bank is returned to the station will mark the conclusion of the rental period. For any extra days after the rental duration, a very small amount of rentail fee + tax based on location will apply for every 24 hours of keeping our device. After 2 days lapses, your rental duration has expired, and your portable power bank is considered purchased.

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Free Phone Charger Stations for Businesses!
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NO Contracts!
NO Obligation!

Power Sharing Locations can be found on the STW Power Sharing App. You can rent and drop off valley wide!

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 Power Sharing Rentals 

Power Sharing Rentals LLC is a Phoenix Arizona based company that provides Phone Charger on the GO service for all smartphones and small devices. Using our portable power banks, users can charge their phones while while on the GO! Our product benefits both merchants and customers. We provide the public an affordable, reliable, and convenient way to charge smartphones. Power Sharing portable chargers takes the headache of charging customers’ phones and allows venues to focus on what they do best. It’s the fastest and most convenient solution for people who are on-the-go and need to recharge their battery.

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Chargers for Sale or Rent

Phone Chargers and Power stations for sale!

36 Slot Phone Charger Station


Venue Favorite

This 36 Slot Phone Charger Station is great for big venues and malls to solve all the customers phone charging needs. Holds 36 portable phone chargers for customers can rent or buy!

6 slot Phone Charger Station


Charger stations are Free for businesses.

6 slot Phone Charger Station has 6 universal chargers for rental. Customer can rent a charger to GO and drop off valley wide! Great for business, bars, venues and shopping centers.

Portable Phone Charger


Featured Item

This Portable charger can Power 99% of all cell phones with built in cords Micro USB, 8-pin Lighting iPhone charger and USB-C. This charger can also power , vape pins, Bluetooth speakers, and tablets. Rent or buy one today.

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